Radookal's Place

The Rad Website of Buddy the Ferret!


Ways to contact me or if you ever want to drop a message or leave a friend request!


Twitter: @radookal

Mastodon: @radookal@slime.global

Discord: BuddyFerret#4306

YouTube: Buddy

Steam: BuddyFerret

Telegram: @spootymaniac

Reddit: u/spootymaniac

Pinterest: radookal

Switch Friend Code: SW-3666-1208-5310

Infrequently used (should try to use more though if i can):

MSN Messenger (Escargot Revival): (will decide to put here or not but i have one) (also get it here!)

AIM (Phoenix Revival): radookal (get it here!)

Twitch: BuddyFerret

Picarto: BuddyTheFerret

ByteApp: simpleflips (yes really, i still should get rid of iiit buuuut)

Instagram: radookal

FurAffinity (yes ashamedly), although not linking due to having nsfw content